Laboratory Information Management System


limsExpress Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is robust, versatile and easy to use. Labs: Analytical, Environmental, Petrochemical, Municipal, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Microbiological, Research, Metallurgical, Organic, Inorganic, QC and Industrial.


Sample Login
This is the main area you will use inside limsExpress. Here you can log in samples and tests, enter results, review and approve data, print reports and create templates. When a customer calls you will normally go to this screen to provide them with the needed information.

Assign multiple report recipients for each login.
Create a login with up to up to 999 samples.
Access login, sample, test and QC data from the login form.
Asign notes and qualifiers for samples.
Print, Fax or Email test results to multiple client contacts.
Clone (duplicate) an individual sample or an entire login to reduce time.
Print internal reports and labels (sample, barcode and address).
Create templates for clients with repetitive work.
Double click date-time fields to insert the current date automatically.
Set sample priorities and apply discounts or surcharges at login.
Assign a purchase order number at login.
Assign test groups as well as individual tests to samples.
Link electronic data files.
Assign project specific pricing.
Find data in fields using a search form, use wildcards to make the search easier .

Work Load

View and print reports of pending work.
Sort work by test group, test, work area and analyst; use wildcards to filter data.

Enter Results
Enter group results by test group, test, or sample number and use wildcards and multiple criteria to sort results to be entered.
Enter default values for many fields such as results, units, test date, etc. with the option to overwrite current data.
Print a report of results entered.

Import Data
Import data from text files or Microsoft® Excel or other formats.
Almost any instrument format can be customized to be readily imported.
When importing, many pieces of data can be filled in automatically.
Includes Excel import examples.
Instrument test names can be changed automatically to match limsExpress tests (Al => Aluminum) to ensure proper data transfer.
A list of records which did not transfer is readily available for review
QC data can be automatically imported and transferred to the QC area .

Archive Data
Archive multiple logins or QC records.
Divide archive data into easily manageable files.
Retrieve archived records by double clicking from a list.
Easily switch between archive files.
Narrow the search for a particular archive record by filtering data.
Archived data can be stored on media like removable hard drives, CD-RW etc.
Quality Control (QC)
Enter QC sample data once and relate it to multiple samples.
Track RPD, Matrix Spike, Matrix Spike Dup, Matrix Spike RPD, Standards and Blanks.
Verify Reference Standards within acceptable limits.
Intuitive QC sample import.
Print QC data reports.
Import QC data.
Enter multiple QC items such as blanks to a single QC record.

Use multiple criteria to create control and test result charts.
View and print chart and associated records.
Set the data range for chart data.
Double click on a data point to open the entire record.
Set the maximum number of records for charts.
Print all control charts for each test, matrix and method to a PDF file with the press of a button.
For standards charting you have the option of normalizing the data.


Invoice by individual login or multiple logins for the same client.
Add custom charges directly in the invoice.
Enter payment information for a client.
View and print all invoices and payments received for a specific client.
Export a single invoice or multiple invoices to QuickBooks, Peachtree at one time.
When a login is invoiced the invoice number is attached to the login.
Print invoices and an invoice log.
Easily import all tests and costs for a specific client.

Create multiple quotes per client.
Quotation data can be transferred to client custom pricing for auto pricing upon login.
View all quotes generated for a client in the client setup area.
Print individual quotations and a log of all quotations .

Chain of Custody
Create a chain of custody for outsourced samples.
Track overdue samples.
Record all shipping information.
Print the chain of custody.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) in your LIMS for easy access.
Enter unlimited number of synonyms for a more simple data look-up.
Filter by chemical, CAS, or synonym.
Print an individual MSDS or a list of all in your database.
Keep a maintenance record for laboratory equipment.
Monitor the next service date for equipment.
Print a list of all equipment.
Maintain a log of all maintenance performed on a particular instrument.
Print an equipment maintenance history.
Keep track of inventory items including high/low limits and pricing.
Print a complete list of inventory items.
Print a list of items that are running low in stock.

Right click in a field to enter unusual characters such as superscript, fractions, and the micro sign.
Copy data to and from most forms or reports to your favorite spreadsheet or word processor.
Send data easily from most forms via email.
Completely customizable using Microsoft® Access.
Customization can be performed by the end user or Dynamic Databases.
Enter predefined notes.
Schedule samples to be logged in automatically.
Easily change test groups and client names.
Print client, test group, pricing and method lists plus many more reports.
System checks for pass/fail with notification of out of range results.
Setup user defined preferences and appearances.
Paste in your company’s logo to be placed on reports.
Export data from many different areas to a variety of file formats.
Store unlimited methods.
Most users install the program themselves with little or no difficulty.
Forms can be automatically resized based on your screen resolution.
Lock records after they are approved.
Create a local data backup for key tables, run every two hours.
Track changes to test data using a the audit trail .

Operator 10™ (add-on) Compatibility
Import location and parameter data to use in dropdown boxes for data entry.
Automatically transfers completed test results hourly.
Transfer or re-transfer completed test results with one button.
Setup scheduled samples with Operator 10 facility, location and parameter data.

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