Laboratory Information Management System

limsExpress Plus (Software as a Service)

limsExpress Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is robust, versatile and easy to use. Labs: Analytical, Environmental, Petrochemical, Municipal, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Microbiological, Research, Metallurgical, Organic, Inorganic, QC and Industrial.


Save Time and Money

  • Avoid expensive server hardware upgrades, we maintain the server.
  • We take care of operating system upgrades so you don't have to.
  • Purchasing a new PC, go with a lesser model, limsExpress Plus runs on our server, you just need to run a web browser.
  • Use your PCs longer before upgrading, even older machines can run limsExpress Plus.
  • Since we maintain the server, so you save on server operating expenses.
  • Avoid LIMS upgrade expence, limsExpress Plus comes with free upgrades.(1)
  • limsExpress Plus is 'Software As A Service' and may be written off entirely on your taxes without worrying about depreciation.(2)
  • Setting up a new PC, there's no need to install LIMS software, all you need is a web browser to connect to limsExpress Plus.
  • Life is easier at budget time, you know your monthly cost.


Data Backup

  • An hourly backup of critical data files is performed and stored on a separate server partition.
  • We also perform an hourly backup of the same files and store them on a separate cloud server with multiple versions saved.
  • An entire server image is created daily with two copies maintained.
  • Along with the daily image we also perform a weekly image, keeping two copies for even longer term security.
  • Will our backup schedule, you can rest assured that your data will be there for you.



  • Real-time protection is always on to prevent viruses and spyware from infecting your files.
  • We perform a virus skan daily just to ensure your data hasn't been infected.
  • A tight rein is kept on file and folder security to ensure users don't accidentally erase or alter files they shouldn't.
  • TSplus allows us to limit user access to programs and settings thus helping to prevent accidental modifications.



  • Use a PC, Apple, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone, if the device has internet and a browser, it will probably work.
  • Connect to your data from anywhere that has an internet connection, in the lab, in the field, at the airport, even at the pool.
  • Go small form and wireless in the lab, use an Android tablet, a Microsoft Surface, or an iPad to enter results.
  • Need help, just give us a call, we can join your session (with your permission) to help you, no need to download remote control software.

(1) The upgraded version inself and data conversion is free but any customized feature conversions are billed at our normal hourly rate.
(2) Contact your tax advisor on the laws concerning software expenses.