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This module allows the user to create custom quotes for clients and to automatically add the quoted items to the client's custom pricing if the quote is accepted. You can quote both test groups and individual tests for clients based on a project.


New Quote - a popup form will open allowing you to select a current client or add a new client. After selecting a client press Create Quote, a new record will appear with a new sequential number for the Quote ID. This number is the key field in tracking a quote. Select the client contact and add any notes concerning this quote.

Adding an item - select the Cost Type, either Group (an entire test group) or Test (a single test from a test group). After selecting either the test group or test a popup box will let you know the standard cost. Enter the quoted cost for the item and the quantity. The item total cost is (Quantity x Cost).

Update Quote Total - this will sum the item total for each line to total the quote.

Add To Client Projects - once you have completed the quote and the client has accepted the bid you can send the quoted items to the custom pricing section for the client. The tab Custom Pricing in the Clients form will show any projects and the custom pricing for that client. When you log in samples and select a project from the Sample Login form, limsExpress will look up the custom pricing and assign it to those samples.

Reports - the Express Reports popup form will open listing any Quote reports. Select a report and choose either preview, print or email.

Help - the Custom Help popup form will open with Quotes in the filter box. This will show any Quote custom help topics. limsExpress Online Help and Support will direct you to out website showing all related help pages.

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