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limsExpress Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is robust, versatile and easy to use. Labs: Analytical, Environmental, Petrochemical, Municipal, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Microbiological, Research, Metallurgical, Organic, Inorganic, QC and Industrial.


limsExpress Home Ribbon

Command Group Command Description
Main Menu Tabs Main Takes you to the Main tab on the Main Menu.
  Setup Takes you to the Setup tab on the Main Menu.
  Management Takes you to the Management tab on the Main Menu.
  Client Files Takes you to the Client Files tab on the Main Menu.
  Electronic Data Takes you to the Electronic Data tab on the Main Menu.
  Custom Functions Takes you to the Custom Functions tab on the Main Menu.
  Procedure Help Takes you to the Procedure Help tab on the Main Menu.
Main Forms Sample Login Opens the Sample Login form.
  Find Samples  Opens the Find Samples form.
  Job Status Opens the Job Status form.
Clipboard Paste

Places the data from the clipboard into the current position of the cursor in the active window.

  Paste Special Allows you to select the format of the data you are pasting.
  Paste Append Allows you to paste data at the end of a table thus creating a new record.
  Cut Cuts the data that has been selected from the current window and places it on the clipboard.

Copies the current selected item and places it on the clipboard.

Data Sort Ascending

Sorts selected column information from A to Z.

  Sort Descending

Sorts selected column information from Z to A.


Opens a box containing the data from the current field. Press <CTRL> + Enter to force a new line.

  Refresh Updates the current screen to reflect changes in data.
  Save Record

Updates the current data from the active form.


Deletes the highlighted section in the active window.

Find Find

Searches text in the selected form or columns.


Finds and replaces text based on the information provided in the popup form.

  Go To

Moves through the records in the active window. Choose first, last, previous, next or new record.

  Select Selects the current record from the form or table.
Input On Screen Keyboard Opens the Windows on screen keyboard, allows users with tablets and phones to type text.
Support Documentation Opens a web browser to the limsExpress 2018 support page online. Opens a web browser to the website online.
  About limsExpress Opens the About form showing the limsExpress version and technical support contact information.
Exit Exit Closes limsExpress and Microsoft Access


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