Laboratory Information Management System

Setup: Custom Help Topics

limsExpress Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is robust, versatile and easy to use. Labs: Analytical, Environmental, Petrochemical, Municipal, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Microbiological, Research, Metallurgical, Organic, Inorganic, QC and Industrial.


In addition to being able to create custom help files, you can also create specific topics to meet your needs. You will notice several topics have been preloaded for your convenience.


Creating Custom Help Topics:


  • Select the ‘Setup Tab' from the 'Main Menu' or from the ribbon.

Main Menu - Setup Tab


  • Click on ‘Custom Help Topics’ from within the ‘Setup’ tab.

Setup Tab - Custom Help Topics


  • To add a new topic, type the topic name in the field with an asterisk and press the exit door button to close and save.

Setup Custom Help Topics

If needed, the standard limsExpress help documentation is available online at: to allow for easy help updates. These help documents can be copied into the custom help area where they can be edited to meet your specific requirements.

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