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limsExpress 2019 Help and Custom Help

limsExpress Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is robust, versatile and easy to use. Labs: Analytical, Environmental, Petrochemical, Municipal, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Microbiological, Research, Metallurgical, Organic, Inorganic, QC and Industrial.


limsExpress 2019 - Help and Custom Help



When you are in limsExpress you can get help by pressing the F1 key. This will open the help form and autofill the topic based on the area you are currently in. For instance, if you are in the Invoice form the help form would open and the help filter would autofill to the topic 'Invoice'. Any custom help articles you have would be listed to aid you in entering data. Click on a custom help article to show the article below.

If you want the standard limsExpress Help then click the button marked 'limsExpress Online help and Support' button. This will open our website to the standard help files on our website. The website will open to all webpages with the filter help text.

Help and Custom Help

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